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I came back from the States on March 8th. I worked the first week as usual. Quarantine was not mandatory and the chaos was not as bad as today. But then the shifts were cancelled from March 16th to the March 28th. Then 10 days after I came back , at night after coming back from class my throat had a mild soreness. Therefore, I stopped going to the internship and I decided to self-isolating. In addition, my two roommates came back from New Zealand the same Wednesday. They are in quarantine.
I’m constantly conflicting whether to find a new job or not. I’m concerned to infect others. But, I’m also worried about my future. I have to pay rent, food, other living expenses, and the upcoming trimester of the MBA. My savings won’t last for more than 2 months. I’m doing my best to be positive, healthy and strong. Nevertheless, bad news keep coming. Opera House is closed until June, so no job until then. I used to have a travel allowance from the internship, Communiteer, but since I’m working from home they can’t provide it. Communiteer is trying to find a way to help the interns out though.

I have no income whatsoever. I don’t have financial support from overseas since they are affected by the corona crisis.

I just don’t know what to do.