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I have lost work at one of my jobs (work at the cinema) that has left me with only my high school cleaning.

The school I work at is stressful as the people in charge are scared wich is causing them to lash out at the workers. We have been given more duties to perform while not being allocated more hours nor more pay.

The only option we have been given is if we wish to stay at home and not risk our lives is to use up our saved sick leave first and then the COVID-19 holidays. I have a reason for trying to keep sick leave hours up for use later in the year and I know of several of the other staff that have reasons as well.

I am also being told that I should remain at home due to being pregnant but am still over a month away from my maternity leave (which is only 12 weeks of pay). They have said that I should use 90 hours of sick leave when I am not sick because my being at work is stressing them out. It is making me feel horrible.

They have not considered that I have to look towards to future as well. What happens if I get sick after my maturity leave? How am I going to pay for food and other items for my child if I have no leave left? I do not have the pleasure of having someone else providing an income for us if that happens.