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I work with high risk disabled people and have had to step back from assisting them with their daily needs. I had to advise my employer that I was coming down with what I assume is a cold and that I should stay away from certain clients (those on triweekly dialysis etc)
Add on the fact I have a high risk son who had chronic Asthma, I couldn’t risk sending him to preschool and had to make the decision to keep all three of my children at home.
Therefore my loss of income will be on going as most of my family are unable to help me with care arrangements so I can go back to work.
However to my understanding they are cutting ‘unnecessary shifts’ meaning unless clients require more hands on physical assistance my community access shifts have also been cut.

I went from working almost every day, to at present nothing. To next when I have three 4 hour shifts.

Add into the mix that my husband had his hours reduced from 38 a week down to 18.
We have 6 kids.
I don’t think we will financially make it through this crisis