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Tell building owners to follow Safeguard standards for security guards

Day in and day out, security officers are putting themselves on the line to protect both people and properties. During the pandemic, their role has been pivotal in helping to stem the spread of COVID-19 and keep the public safe. Yet many security guards have felt a general lack of respect for their efforts, and unfortunately this isn’t anything new.

For far too long, security officers have been disrespected by employers, governments, and the owners of the assets they protect. Rather than being thanked, many have been exploited and scapegoated.

This needs to change, and Safeguard is part of the solution.

Both a campaign, and a standard to be met by contracts and legislation, Safeguard has five key demands:

  1. Job Security
  2. Liveable Wages
  3. Respect
  4. Career and Skill Development
  5. Safe Workplaces

Use the tool below to email key building owners and call on them to follow Safeguard standards for security guards.