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Send the Marshall Liberal Government a clear message that the community supports essential workers.

Essential public sector workers have been the health heroes at the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Australia working in roles such as hospital cleaners, personal care workers in our regional aged care facilities, disability support workers, orderlies, patient services assistants and catering workers.

United Workers Union members are cleaning hospitals, delivering meals to sick people, pushing beds to ICUs, caring for the elderly, supporting people living with a disability and have done everything they can to stop the spread of the pandemic while maintaining effective health services for South Australians.

After 12 months of negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement, the Marshall Liberal Government are still shamefully in favour of attacking workers’ conditions, including their job security, leaving workers and the community concerned that the Government has an intention to privatise further services.

What members are fighting for:

The Marshall Liberal Government has failed to recognise the essential nature of the work they perform, failing to table an offer addressing members reasonable claims of job security, fair wage increases while maintaining all of their current conditions.

Taking action across the state:

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