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Tell Coles and Woolworths to stand with farm workers in their supply chain and support visa amnesty now! 

Tell Coles and Woolworths to support visa amnesty.

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Most of the fresh food picked and packed by farm workers ends up at Coles and Woolworths. These supermarket giants keep claiming they want to end the exploitation rife in their supply chain.

Yet many farm workers are still exploited at the hands of Coles and Woolies’ suppliers. Many contractors think they can take advantage of these workers because they are undocumented.

One big way in which Coles and Woolworths can help stop the exploitation, is by supporting farm workers’ campaign for visa amnesty.

Stand with the people who have kept Australia fed –
rain, hail and shine, bushfire, flood and now, pandemic.

Sign the petition below.

Stand with them. Sign the petition.

Supporter List for Visa Amnesty

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