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Support a liveable wage for guards


After a decade of cuts to pay and conditions, Security Guards at Victorian Government sites need your help to win the respect they deserve.  They need a pay rise.

During the pandemic Victorian guards worked 24/7 to ensure that politicians, public servants, and the Victorian public were kept safe at public hospitals, public housing, government offices and countless other essential Victorian Government services. 

Guards are essential workers but struggle to pay for the essentials.

Guards have called on the State Government to return to the conditions that they enjoyed 10 years ago – conditions called Safeguard.  Safeguard means guards are paid enough to look after their families.

When guards are paid respectfully, they are best able to look after you.


Unfortunately, the Victorian State Government has not yet committed to backing calls for respect.  Instead, many guards are facing further cuts to their conditions and are being asked to survive on minimum wage. 

Will you support guards at Victorian Government sites?

Use the tool below to send a message to Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Government Services Danny Pearson to support a liveable wage for guards!