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Why are you paid less to do the same job?

It's not fair that Outside School Hours Care employees, like you, who work under the P&C award are worse off than people doing the exact same job under other awards.

Inside the teacher aide and school cleaner delegates’ kits you’ll find all the information and advice you need to work with members at your school to know your rights, how to apply them, and how to keep them.


School Cleaner Delegate Kit [PDF]

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United Workers Union is a union for employees working for Parents & Citizens’ Associations and Government Schools, and covers occupations such as fitness and swim coaches, cooks, maintenance, early education, child care, outside school hours and vacation care, teacher aides and school cleaners.

Fees are $13.01 per week. (Or $6.00 per week if you earn less than $24 000 per year).

United Workers Union is making an application to the Industrial Relations Commission to change the Parent and Citizen’s (P&C) Award to improve pay and conditions, including:

  • Standardise casual loading at 25 % for all casual employees. Some employees receive 25% casual loading, while some receive only 23%.
  • Standardise the broken shift allowance so it applies to all employees including casual employees working in OSHC. Currently, casual P&C employees in OSHC and Vacation Care do not receive a daily split shift allowance.
  • Standardise junior rates so that junior employees are paid in accordance with the following table. All junior employees who are required to hold a Certificate 3 qualification will be paid at 100%. The below junior rates are consistent with other P&C streams.
AgePercentage of the relevant rate

17 and under








  • Include additional higher pay levels for employees who are required to hold a Diploma, or Advanced Diploma. The state P&C award does not adequately recognise Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualifications.
  • Increase the Level “3.4” rate. Currently the Level 3 .4 rate is only 10 cents an hour above the Level 3.3 rate. The union proposes increasing the rate by an additional $1.35 an hour, so it sits at the mid-point between the 3.3 rate and a new 4.1 Diploma rate. Under the Federal Children’s Services Award, the “3.4” rate is paid at the mid-point.
  • Include additional higher pay levels for OSHC and vacation care directors and co-ordinators. Currently, directors and co-ordinators are paid more under the Federal Award than the P&C Award. The union proposes higher rates for directors with bigger services. 

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