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Union Win: McCormick Foods workers win a 9% pay-rise over 3 years, a $5000 sign-on bonus, and retain conditions.

McCormick’s is a manufacturer that provides sauces and spices for Australia’s major fast-food providers – like KFC, McDonald’s, Oporto, Hungry Jacks, and Nando’s.

Millions of Australians consume their products every day. The company is very profitable.

Despite this, workers at McCormick’s had gone 5 years without a wage increase. In recent negotiations, McCormick’s offered workers another 0% increase, alongside threats to their working conditions. With inflation rising, this meant the workers were effectively being asked to take a pay cut.

From the start, workers knew this was bigger than just one site. This has been a fight for respect for all essential workers who toiled through the pandemic, while their companies made massive profits, only to be told that there was no money for a pay rise and that workers had to accept what they were given.

So, they worked together, with their union representatives, to devise a plan of action to improve their offer.

They went on strike.

And they won – securing a 3% pay rise per year, no cuts to conditions, and a $5,000 sign-on bonus.

This is the power of workers coming together.

The power of collective action.

This win has shown that when workers stand united, they can win!
But it only works when every worker joins in.
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