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Check your Easter payslip

Whether or not you worked over the Easter period, make sure you check your next pay slip to make sure your pay is correct.  

If you’re a permanent employee and ordinarily work on any of the days that were Easter public holidays, but your workplace didn’t open or operate that day, you should still be paid as though you worked. Same goes for any other public holidays in your state or territory. 

And, of course, casual workers should be paid penalty rates for all hours worked on public holidays.  

There’s often some confusion around which days are designated as public holidays over the Easter period – especially where there have been recent changes, like in South Australia. So, make sure you check your next pay slip to make sure you’ve been paid correctly over the Easter period.

If something doesn’t look right, email your employer to ask about it. We recommend putting any pay or conditions questions in writing in case you need to refer to these communications in future. If your employer refuses to correct any mistakes they’ve made, contact your union for advice about what to do next.  

Our Uwu Community: Meet Bindi

Industry/ job title: UWU Member Councillor and Storeman at QLD Children’s hospital 

Length of UWU membership: 5-6 years 

What does being an UWU member mean to you?  
“My UWU membership means so much. The support you receive – not just during times of conflict, but also the solidarity and sense of community that’s always there. And of course, knowing you have access to workplace support, advice and info whenever you need it.”  

What advice would you give to newer members? 
“You’re not alone, there’s so many people backing you. Solidarity is the root of it all. It’s something you’ll never know you needed til you do!” 

Your favourite UWU moment, campaign or action?

“The removal of contractors at the QLD kid’s hospital. It resulted in overwhelming improvements for all the workers. And it showed how much union goes from grassroots level. It started with members onsite and escalated to a big, union campaign. It’s had such a huge impact on us as workers as well as the wider community, and for the people who use the hospital too. Seeing our perseverance result in success.”

“Also, being able to go and show solidarity with members in other sectors like supporting farm sector workers on International Women’s Day and rallying at ministers’ offices with Aged Care workers.  

“You go to the rallies then see the wins on the news like the Aged Care pay increase and you think, that’s my union, they’re my mates.”  

What’s your message to other members?  
“You can be empowered through knowledge and solidarity and your union is the best place to get those things and protect your rights at work. And perseverance pays off!” 


This is Les (left), an Ambulance Victoria (AV) employee of more than 40 years. 

Les, along with his colleague Dan (right) work as Fleet Maintenance Officers. They both have highly specialised skills that allow ambulances across the state to keep moving. 

Without the work of qualified trades people like Dan and Les, ambulances would literally stop! 

Despite this, so many members at Ambulance Victoria currently feel unseen and undervalued. 

Union members have commenced industrial action this month, tired of 14 months of negotiations with their employer AV and the State Govt going nowhere productive. 

“Cost of living has gone up, and we’re not getting a wage that at all recognises the skilled work we do in our community,” Les says. 

UWU/AEAV members’ claims are nothing but fair and reasonable – paramedics need to finish shifts on time, fleet need recognition of their bespoke qualifications, and admin need a pay rise that reflects their valuable work in the organisation. 

These workers are the people who support the community in their time of need. Show them your support – follow their campaign and give them some likes and shares! 


The Fair Work Commission just announced huge new pay rises for hundreds of thousands of aged care workers, a boost to pay that recognises the essential contribution of support workers in the sector! 

Personal care workers will now be eligible for up to an additional 13% wage increase, making the total wage increases for some direct care workers up to 28.5% over the past twelve months. 

Support workers in catering, cleaning, and laundry will also be eligible for a wage increase of 7%. Maintenance and gardening workers have been awarded a 3% increase. 

This history-making announcement was a direct result of UWU members’ tireless campaigning and solidarity. It took aged care workers joining together for change, rallying and striking and advocating for each other.

UWU members bravely spoke out at the commission, describing the impact of their work on resident’s care and experience. 

This announcement is a massive step forward for so many workers in the sector. There is still so much to do to improve the wages and conditions of aged care workers. Members will keep standing strong and fighting for these improvements! 

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Laundries are hot, physically demanding workplaces with the bulk of the workforce made up of migrant women. Laundries is also an industry in which underpayments and exploitation are features. 

This didn’t stop workers at Ensign laundry in Perth banding together, joining their union and winning big! 

Preparing to strike and fighting hard has meant these members have secured some amazing gains in wages and conditions in their agreement. Including a day off for their birthdays!!! 

Anna, Fatai, Junhua and Rosemarie

The Vic Government betrayed school cleaners

We are ramping up our campaign to improve the wages, conditions and job security of school cleaners across Victoria who keep public schools clean, safe and hygienic.

School cleaners were just one group of workers who were infamously discarded by the notorious former Premier Jeff Kennett, who privatised the service as part of a fire sale of public assets and jobs in the 90s.

For more than 30 years, school cleaners have had to undertake greater workloads, suffering higher rates of injuries, while wages have stagnated and once every four years are faced with huge uncertainty as contracts change hands, jobs are cut and shifts dramatically changed.

UWU has been campaigning for many years to return school cleaners back into the public sector and had been working closely with the Victorian Labor Government.

But at the end of last year, without warning, the Government announced it would stick to the status quo – the broken for-profit model.

It’s not good enough. School cleaners deserve better. Victorian workers deserve better.

Please help support this campaign by signing the petition telling Deputy Premier and Education Minister Ben Carroll to clean up this mess.

Switch your energy to CoPower and save $50

Large corporate electricity providers are making record profits and price gouging consumers.

This reckless profiteering is fuelling the cost of living crisis and hurting ordinary households.

That’s why our union is a part-owner of CoPower, an electricity cooperative which offers affordable and clean electricity to households across Australia.

By switching to CoPower you are helping take the power back from huge energy corporations for the benefit of people and the planet. With other unions and community organizations we have built a non-profit retail energy co-operative that is member-owned and member-run.

We are offering UWU members an exclusive $50 sign on bill credit when you switch your home’s electricity to CoPower.

Switching is easy and only takes a few minutes by completing this online form. Click here to make the switch.

(If you prefer you can also call CoPower’s Melbourne-based call center on 03 9068 6036 to switch over the phone).

Your exclusive UWU code is 9004999.  Add this number to the referral section when you sign up to get your $50 bill credit.

Union members can also access a free bill comparison service which provides a transparent assessment of how much you can save. 

Simply email your existing electricity bill to [email protected] and state you are an UWU member.

By switching to CoPower you are joining a growing movement of thousands of households across the country who are building a strong and democratic cooperative to make our energy system work for people and the planet.  

Every customer member has an equal say on where 100% of revenue goes. So your energy bill builds the world you want to live in. 

Projects that CoPower customer members have voted to support include community renewable energy, a strike fund to support workers to win fair wages, solidarity action with Torres Strait Islanders fighting rising sea levels, free home energy assessments and a hardship fund, to name a few.

*CoPower doesn’t operate in NT or Northern QLD