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tell the wa state government: public sector workers need a pay rise!

WA health and education workers are some of the lowest paid workers in our state.

These workers, our hospital cleaners, enrolled nurses, education assistants and orderlies, to name a few, continue to work on the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic, keeping our hospitals and schools open and functioning.

By turning up to their workplaces, these frontline workers have kept Western Australia safe and strong!

Yet, despite their incredible efforts, these workers are being left behind. Some are working two jobs. Living pay to pay. Struggling to pay their rent. We depend on these people to care for our sick and elderly, keep our hospitals clean and functioning, teach our kids and expect them take on more and more work to support our community. Critically, their indisputable value isn’t reflected in how our state’s Government pays them.

These hard working frontline workers deserve more! 10 bucks a day isn’t much to pay!

Time is up, Mark McGowan – public sector workers need 5 to survive!

Workers won’t give up until wages keep up with the increasing cost of living!

WA State Government: Public sector workers need 5 to survive!
Union member?

Email to Mark McGowan, Premier, Western Australia

Cced: Minister for Health, Amber-Jade Sanderson; Minister for Education, Sue Ellery; and Minister for Industrial Relations, Bill Johnston.

Dear Premier McGowan, 

I am a proud United Workers Union member.

Our union bargaining reps would like to sit down with you as the key decision maker in regards to current public sector wages bargaining. 

As you know, the cost of living in WA is sky rocketing.

As a hard-working union member I am finding it difficult to make ends meet.

I need you to understand the issues we are facing as frontline public sector workers in education and health work to keep WA safe.

I urge you to attend bargaining with my union on the steps of Parliament tomorrow, Wednesday 15 June 2022.

Kind regards,

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