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Defence workers in Sydney are standing up for their rights today (September 23) as they face the prospect of being forced out of their workplace – because they dare to wear a union hat.

Workers at the Moorebank Barracks intend to wear their union colours in defiance of the contractor Linfox’s directives, leading to workers walking off the job about 12pm tomorrow.

The workers at Moorebank have been warned they will be asked to leave the site if they wear union colours in support of their counterparts on other defence sites who have also rejected the offer.

“This government contract isn’t about creating a better Defence force, it’s about creating profits,” says United Workers Union Allied co-ordinator Ian Madgwick.

“Defence workers are being paid around $5 an hour less than the industry standard and when they ask for a fair go they are told they need to remain competitive to keep their jobs. 

“Our members are the backbone of Australian Defence sites and proud of it. 

“They know that Defence work shouldn’t be about profits going towards another yacht, fast car or mansion for Lindsay Fox.”

“When workers democratically voted down the offer and expressed their union values, Linfox has used draconian measures as an attempt to silence dissent.

“Does Linfox really want to send workers off site for wearing a union hat in 2022?

“Workers are facing surging cost-of-living increases but Linfox’s offer does not even touch the sides.

“It’s about time Linfox realised its workers are the backbone of the company, to treat them with respect and make sure the company continues to serve Australia’s vital Defence needs in the best way possible.”