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Your Union For Casino Workers

We fight for fairness at the casino.

We work in every department of the casino, including table games, food and beverage, hotels, security, cleaning, and more. We are direct casino employees and we are contract workers – we are one union family. Together we are campaigning for secure jobs with fair pay and good working conditions. We know big casinos have the money and power to provide good jobs, and together we are making sure they do. We are campaigning all across Australia and we’ve already had some big wins.

United Workers Union is our union for workers in Australian casnios.

UWU represents over 150,000 workers from all walks of life across Australia.  Throughout our history, we’ve shown when working people come together, we win.

We fight hard for jobs you can count on, decent pay and conditions, and respect at work. Your union is here to help you, we provide a range of quality services, benefits and representation when you need it.  

current campaigns

Your union is organising around important worker issues at casinos across the country. Click here for latest updates.



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Does something need to change in your workplace? Step up and become a delegate.

Stand up, Speak out.

A union delegate is another union member just like you. They have a job to do every day, and they answer to the same management that you do. The key difference is that a union delegate has training, tools and protections to help you and other members solve problems at work!


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Standing together, we can change our workplaces.

Better Pay and Conditions

Union members stand together for better pay and conditions, respect, and job security.

Australian workers who are union members earn on average $250 more every week.

Back up and Support at Work

When you face poor treatment – like unfair dismissal, safety issues or harassment at work it’s important to be union.

At worksites across the country UWU Delegates, leaders and Health and Safety Reps have your back.

Training, Community & Information

Members have access to exclusive training and development designed to support you at work.

Being union also gives you access to a community of workers and expert information when you need it.

Join a Movement that Wins

When you’re union, you’re part of a national movement with a long history for standing up for what is right.

If you want a fairer Australia, joining your union is the best way to make a difference.

media releases + campaign updates

recent news:

WHEN: 11:30 am Friday 29 October 2021 WHERE: At the fountain on Bunda Street, Canberra Centre WHAT: On day one out of lockdown cleaners hold a public demonstration at the Canberra Centre in response to significantly altered conditions and atrocious treatment under new contractor Assetlink. CEO Damien Frawley of Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) has refused to meet with workers, so workers are making their demands known to Canberra Centre’s patrons. WHO: Cleaner Leo Barajas and United Workers Union Property Services Director Lyndal Ryan will be available for comment. Quotes attributable to Leo Barajas, Canberra Centre Cleaner: “We have been run over by Assetlink, all our opinions, suggestions and requests have been thrown into the bin. Significant hours were cut, forcing everyone to work the undoable, and for the night shift the drastic change in rostered hours means we’re always too tired for our families and our personal lives. To this day Assetlink has not even been willing to explain to us the reasons behind their changes. All we are asking is to have proper conditions to do our jobs, we are asking Assetlink to treat us with respect, not merely as an employee number. We’re going public so we can be heard.” Canberra Centre’s new contractor Assetlink has: Cut cleaning hours by approximately 20 per cent. Pushed night shift finishing times back from 1 am to 6 am. Refused to provide documents under workplace health and safety laws. Introduced new duty schedules not compliant with the enterprise bargaining agreement. Failed to resolve…
A Federal Court ruling that seven former Canberra massage employees are owed around $900,000 brings to an end one of Australia’s worst cases of wage theft and worker abuse. The judgement finds workers were threatened with either being returned to the Philippines or having their families killed if they reported the business – Canberra’s Foot & Thai Massage – to the authorities. The judgement supported workers’ evidence that both the director, Colin Kenneth Elvin, and a manager of the business, Jun Millard Puerto, threatened to kill workers’ families, with Mr Puerto telling some of the workers: “If you ever talk about your salary or the work you’re doing in the shop, I will get someone in the Philippines to kill your family. I have so many connections in the Philippines. My friend kills people as his job and it will only cost me 10,000 pesos ($250) to get him to kill someone for me.” The court found the business exploited the workers’ vulnerability as temporary visa holders, forcing them to be available at any time across 12 hours on the six days they worked. They were paid below award rates, and not paid overtime or public holiday rates. The business also forced six of the massage therapists to pay “cashbacks” to the business from their wages. The workers – who have been supported throughout this ordeal by United Workers Union – now must wait for a final determination by the court of what they are owed. “What this case shows is the power of workers to stand…


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