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Your Union For Casino Workers

We fight for fairness at the casino.

We work in every department of the casino, including table games, food and beverage, hotels, security, cleaning, and more. We are direct casino employees and we are contract workers – we are one union family. Together we are campaigning for secure jobs with fair pay and good working conditions. We know big casinos have the money and power to provide good jobs, and together we are making sure they do. We are campaigning all across Australia and we’ve already had some big wins.

United Workers Union is our union for workers in Australian casnios.

UWU represents over 150,000 workers from all walks of life across Australia.  Throughout our history, we’ve shown when working people come together, we win.

We fight hard for jobs you can count on, decent pay and conditions, and respect at work. Your union is here to help you, we provide a range of quality services, benefits and representation when you need it.  

Surviving 2020

  • Major casino operators Crown and The Star were some of the first companies to agree to paid pandemic leave. We also won two weeks pay for many casino workers who were stood down.
  • Casino workers also won employer hardship funds and payments totalling millions of dollars for workers not eligible for the government wage subsidy, or experiencing other hardships.
  • During the year we kept the union together and strong while casinos were shut, and pivoted quickly to helping members with the practical support they needed in a crisis, e.g. help navigating Centrelink, information on financial assistance, mortgage/rent deferrals and more.
  • Amidst the COVID pandemic, we were able to secure a commitment from both The Star and Crown to end indoor smoking across all casinos by 2023.
  • And we started building the union at the new Crown Sydney casino – there are only a couple hundred workers there at the moment, but already two out of every three are UWU members.

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A union delegate is another union member just like you. They have a job to do every day, and they answer to the same management that you do. The key difference is that a union delegate has training, tools and protections to help you and other members solve problems at work!


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current campaigns

Your union is organising around important worker issues at casinos across the country. Click here for latest updates.

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Standing together, we can change our workplaces.

Better Pay and Conditions

Union members stand together for better pay and conditions, respect, and job security.

Australian workers who are union members earn on average $250 more every week.

Back up and Support at Work

When you face poor treatment – like unfair dismissal, safety issues or harassment at work it’s important to be union.

At worksites across the country UWU Delegates, leaders and Health and Safety Reps have your back.

Training, Community & Information

Members have access to exclusive training and development designed to support you at work.

Being union also gives you access to a community of workers and expert information when you need it.

Join a Movement that Wins

When you’re union, you’re part of a national movement with a long history for standing up for what is right.

If you want a fairer Australia, joining your union is the best way to make a difference.

media releases + campaign updates

recent news:

Quotes Attributable to Dario Mujkic, Director of Casinos, United Workers Union “Crown’s decision today to cease indoor smoking at its casinos by the end of next year is the right decision and is welcomed by the Union. “United Workers Union has been in discussions with Crown about ceasing indoor smoking for some time. Indoor smoking is a hazard and should not be tolerated in any workplace. It’s dangerous, damaging to the health of everyone in the vicinity and can kill. “Well done to the many United Workers Union members and WHS Representatives who have been fighting for this for a very long time. We will continue to engage with Crown around how this transition will be implemented. “In the meantime, the temporary but ongoing smoking ban at Crown Melbourne must continue.”   ENDS Media Contact: 1300 898 633, [email protected]
Unions Mobilise AI to turn the tables on wage theft in hospitality
Unions are taking the fight against wage theft to the next level with a new app that uses artificial intelligence to empower young hospo workers and help them turn the tables on dodgy bosses. With IR policy set to dominate federal politics this week, digital union Hospo Voice (the hospitality arm of the United Workers Union) will today launch its new app Mobilise For Hospo Voice with an online event where hospo workers can get wage theft questions answered by AI live on Facebook. Mobilise has an AI-powered chatbot backed by a team of volunteer experts. Mobilise can also check workers' pay, record their hours worked and help them report harassment and bullying. The new app Mobilise was beta-tested with union members over the last few months. So far 270 questions have been answered. Mobilise’s AI brain is already answering 35% automatically, with this proportion set to rise as more workers use the app. Mobilise uses artificial intelligence (AI) to understand member questions and provide fast, reliable answers - tailored by factors like whether they’re casual, and which award they are on. The app is powered by a volunteer team of Mobilise Experts, which include working chefs, waiters and bartenders, trained up to answer questions about workplace rights. Answers are checked by a Hospo Voice legal expert, before being added to the Mobilise brain. Each new question asked by workers helps grow Mobilise’s library of answers and make its AI brain smarter. This means more hospo workers can get instant answers at their fingertips. Top questions include: •             I’m about to do a trial shift at a venue, do I get…