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This page is used by the Union to inform members and the public on matters of importance and as required by applicable legislation.

The United Workers Union came into operation from 11 November 2019 (the amalgamation day) as a result of the successful amalgamation between the National Union of Workers and United Voice. Accordingly some of the information on this page includes reporting or disclosures of the amalgamating unions that commenced prior to the amalgamation day but it is necessary to continue to publish after the amalgamation day.


Public Notices - United Workers Union

Important Policies & Notices

Click here to read the terms & conditions for the United Workers Union ‘Update Contact Details’ prize draw

The draw took place on Friday 3, December 2021 at 16:00pm and was be drawn by an authorized officer of the UWU at 833 Bourke Street Docklands and witnessed by two other UWU officials.

Congratulations to the three prize winners. Each of the winners have been contacted by the Union to inform them.

Union elections

Notice of Resolution of UWU National Executive – Application for UWU to Conduct its Elections for Office

In 2022 the UWU Quadrennial elections will occur. This involves the election of approximately 500 Convention delegates who in turn constitute the collegiate from which Member Councilors  and National Officers are elected.

Section 183 of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 (RO Act) allows an organisation to lodge an application with the Registered Organisations Commission (ROC)  to conduct its own elections.

The National Executive considered the possible ongoing impact of COVID restrictions on the conduct of the elections and at its meeting held on 20 October 2021 resolved to lodge an application for an exemption from the requirement to utilise the AEC as the Returning Officer in the collegiate quadrennial election scheduled for 2022.

Should the application be granted, the first election of Convention delegates will be conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission and the collegiate elections will be conducted by a returning officer appointed by the Union.

Section 183(2) of the RO Act requires the Union to notify members of the resolution of the National Executive. Section 184 allows members an opportunity to object to the application.

Notice is given to members that the application was filed with the ROC on 22 November 2021. You can download a copy of the application from our website.

On 16 December 2021, the Union filed Prescribed information (PI)  pertaining to the conduct of the 2022 UWU elections with the Registered Organisations Commission.

The PI includes details of the number of Convention Delegates by Electorate, the composition of the offices of the Member Council and the number of National Officers.

You may obtain a copy of the PI by requesting from UWU Finance, Governance and Administration at:
[email protected]

Reports & Disclosures

The National Exective approved the annual financial report of the Union for the year ending 30 June 2021 at its meeting held on 30 November 2021. You can download the report here.

The annual financial report for the year ending 30 June 2021 of the State Union – National Union of Workers, New South Wales Branch is available to download here.

On 14 December 2021 the Union filed its Officer and Related Party Disclosure Statement for the financial year ending 30 June 2021, with the Registered Organisations Commission. You can download a copy of the statement here.

Administrative Regulations

Rule 66 of the UWU rules allow the Union’s Member Council or the National Executive to make administrative regulations for the administration of the Union and that when made or amended that they be placed on the Union website.

Copies of administrative regulations are available to view below.

Notices to Members

The National Convention of the UWU comprises delegates elected by the Union’s industrial membership who reside in electorates which are determined by the organisation’s Rules and the Union’s Member Council.

The number of Convention delegates is determined by amongst other things, the grouping together of electoral divisions of the House of Representatives under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (Cth) in a manner that ensures each electorate has at least 2,500 industrial members residing in it.

For the purposes of the conduct of Quadrennial elections scheduled to occur in 2022, the Member Council at its meeting of 25 November 2021 determined electorates for the purposes of the number of Convention delegates and allocation of industrial members to each electorate

Rule 9(j) requires that the electorates of the Union along with the Commonwealth Electorates that comprise each electorate be made available on the Union’s website. You can view a copy of the electorates here.

United Workers Union National Convention Electorates (PDF)

Rule Alteration – 4 August 2021 

On 4 August 2021 the UWU lodged a notice of particulars of a rule alteration with the Fair Work Commission. The alteration is intended to alter the eligibility rules of the Union to cover employees engaged in cleaning, security and food preparation who are employed at hospitals in the Australian Capital Territory that are presently employed by private sector operators but may in the future be employed directly by the Territory Government. You can download a copy of the particulars below.

The application refers to an Attachment A which is a copy of the current rules of the UWU. This attachment is not included in the download. You can access the current rules by clicking the link on the Fair Work Commission website.


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