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Want to improve your work environment & make sure your coworkers are treated fairly? Becoming a delegate is a great place to start.

Union delegates are at the heart of the way we work. They are elected by members as union leaders in their workplace and are the first point of contact for information and advice.

Delegates are union members, just like you, who are trained and supported by the union to:

  • help solve problems at work
  • provide information and advice to members
  • encourage their workmates to join the union
  • support campaigns for fair, safe and flexible workplaces
  • represent their coworkers

Becoming a delegate is a great way to develop your communication, problem solving and negotiation skills. You’ll be provided with plenty of training and support to help you become a confident and effective delegate in your workplace. Larger workplaces often have more than one union delegate, and new delegates get lots of support from other UWU leaders in the workplace.

UWU encourages women, people with disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and members from non-English speaking backgrounds to nominate for delegate roles to ensure all workers’ voices are heard and represented.

Delegate application form: