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You’ve seen the announcements from Dan Andrews, you’ve seen a flood of speculation on Facebook, you might have even received a pretty confusing letter from Crown and hey you might have already done a shift or a little bit of training! It’s happening, we are on the road to reopen! (and shout out to those in our team who have been on deck this whole time!).

To clear up the widespread confusion, your UWU Casino Union Delegate team met with senior HR from every department on the return to work process.

We’ll be honest, there’s lots that is unanswered and lots that we are going to need to all work together on to reopen as smoothly and safely as possible. We’re all going to need to problem solve throughout this process – but that’s nothing new to the most successful casino team in the country!

What’s Up With These Letters?
Your delegate team have explained to the company that for many the letters are confusing, heavy handed and unclear.

The company promises they didn’t mean it, and they don’t intend to indefinitely reduce your hours.

Your union is expecting a redrafted version today, that gives you greater security and doesn’t leave them open ended.

If you’ve already signed them don’t worry – the updated version will apply to you and we can always take steps to rescind your signature if needed.

The General Process
You will be contacted by Crown. If you notice your colleagues are being contacted but not you, it’s probably an admin error/typo in your phone number. Call your department’s HR and ask why they didn’t call you.

You’ll need to do a single day of training on things like COVID-19 protocols and anti-money laundering.

Depending on your department, it’s just a single day then back to waiting – or it’s a single day then ready to go on to shifts.

Have a human conversation about your availability. We expect them to be reasonable. If it goes badly or you need help, seek out your delegate or call our office team on 9235 7777 to be put on to an organiser.

If you’re concerned about refresher training for your skills and area that’s very fair – if they don’t already have that in the works, talk to your delegate about requesting it or call our office team on 9235 7777 to be put on to an organiser.

Finding Out More
The company has agreed that every staff member will attend a meeting with Union Reps upon return to work – in the first 7 days, on the most part.

These will usually be in Crown College and you should be rostered by your manager to attend during your shift.

If your manager doesn’t know about the session please contact our office team on 9236 7777 and pass on your details so our organising team can work with the company to fix that problem.

These sessions will cover all available detail and important health and safety information, and are for all staff – not just members.

Who is First
Your union team have advised the company we believe those most in need (i.e. missed out on JobKeeper) should be prioritised to return. They’ve taken that feedback on board, we’ll see if they implement it.

Your union team have also suggested the company run an expression of interest process – a quick online participation measure to see who is the most keen to return to work, and start with them. They’ve taken that under consideration, we’ll see if they implement it.

The company across the departments intends to return full time staff, then part time staff on reduced hours. And then bring back our casual team to fill gaps.

Your union Health and Safety Reps have been consulting with the company wherever possible, on a range of important health and safety initiatives – we want to keep the Victorian doughnuts rolling in, and prevent Crown from being the epicentre of a third wave and more lockdowns.

One important one is the concept of bubbles – minimising crossover between staff, to minimise risk of spread of COVID-19. The details are not yet clear, and will depend on part in who is ready to return.

This will limit who you can shift swap with for the time being. More details on exactly how this works, to come.

It’s critical to back up your union health and safety reps, just as you back up your union delegates in bargaining and resolving problems. Have your say here.

There’s going to be heaps more information, and some things will need to change quickly. Stay in touch by backing up your union delegates, and by joining our members-only facebook page group here.