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Enterprise Bargaining Agreement
Since the reopening of the casino in late June, members have come together to discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 shutdown and how this affects our pay and conditions.

As Casino Union members, we work together to democratically decide what to pursue when we negotiate with the company. Whether the priority is a fair wage increase, better job security, or improved conditions, union members are the decision makers in our union. The time has now come for members to have your voices heard.

We are actively planning member only meetings at work during paid time, to enable union members to discuss and decide our approach to our EBA. These meetings are forecast to be held in the week of November 9. Exact times and locations will be provided as soon as they are confirmed with senior management.

In order to facilitate this, SkyCity will roster union members only, as advised by our office team, to attend a meeting during shift. If you have any concerns at all about being rostered to attend one of these meetings, please contact your organiser Patrick Claessen on 0400 332 191.

Your Casino Union representatives have been in communication with SkyCity regarding potential changes to the company’s eligibility for the JobKeeper wage subsidy. After discussions late last week, we understand that SkyCity will continue to be eligible for JobKeeper. This will see a reduction of rates as determined by the Liberal Government.

If you remain stood down or are expecting financial difficulties as a result of this, please contact your Casino Union team to discuss what support options are available to you.

As always, we are much stronger when we act together. It is crucial that your union continues to grow at SkyCity to continue building power for members. Speak to your co-workers about joining you in your union today.

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