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Crown Sydney: support your workers

We, the undersigned Crown Sydney workers are now facing being out of work until AT LEAST the 16th of July. We’re not sure when we will all return but we know that we will likely still have strict restrictions in place.

Crown did the right thing in the first week of lockdown and we appreciate and acknowledge that. It gave us some relief. However, the one off-payments in the second week – of which most of us will only get $350 – is simply not enough!

We live in the most expensive city in the country and a small one-off payment isn’t going to cover our rent, let alone allow us to eat. Crown is a large and profitable Company that has capacity to pay it’s staff so we can all get through this crisis together.

We are calling on Crown Sydney to open up a hardship fund immediately so we can survive this lockdown and then get back to doing what we do best – delivering world-class service to keep Crown going as a world-class resort!

Crown workers are Crown’s best asset. We are your workers, we are scared and we need help. We ask that you show us the same loyalty that we’ve shown during this tough period.

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