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Don't be fooled by BlueCare!



Voting on BlueCare’s rubbish enterprise agreement will run from 27 September to 3 October.

BlueCare is trying to rush through a vote on its terrible offer by tricking you and your co-workers into thinking it’s a fair deal, but aged care workers know a raw deal when they see one:

  • The truth is, BlueCare’s miserable 2% offer is really no offer at all. With inflation running at well over five per cent, 2% is a pay cut in real terms.
  • Even after months of negotiations, BlueCare won’t give you any backpay if the agreement comes into effect before Christmas. 
  • And worst of all, BlueCare is paying for this insulting, backwards offer by stripping you of your income protection.

Your income protection is vital for pay security – giving you the ability to continue receiving income if you become seriously ill and unable to work.

BlueCare claims aged care funding is the reason for offering its workers peanuts, but the need for more funding is NO EXCUSE for refusing to pay you a decent wage. 

BlueCare is one of the largest and richest aged care providers in Queensland, yet it pays some of the lowest wages in the industry. Here’s how BlueCare’s ultra-low proposed pay rate stacks up against other providers:


For a Cert 3 qualified Home Care Worker or residential Personal Care Worker:
Ozcare $26.83 Paid from 1 July 2022
Southern Cross Care Qld $26.57 Paid from 27 August 2022
Anglicare Southern Qld $25.96 Paid from 1 Oct 2022
Bluecare’s current offer $25.26 Paid from 13 December 2022

You deserve so much better.

BlueCare gave its executives a 30% pay rise in 2021; it can afford a 5% increase for the hard-working aged care workers who provide care to older Australians



Voting on your agreement opens soon. BlueCare will try to convince you and your co-workers to agree to this lousy deal, but don’t let them fool you. 

Make sure you share this information with your co-workers, so they know how badly BlueCare is trying to rip off its aged care workers. 

Who of your colleagues should hear this? Add their details below and we will share this info with them!

Remember: BlueCare can afford to pay you properly.

VOTE NO in the ballot period 27 September – 3 October.