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Net Zero Authority

As Australia transitions towards our zero emissions goals and reduces our reliance on fossil fuels, many challenges and opportunities are coming. To support a just transition, that goes beyond an economic and energy transition which does not adequately support working people, our political leaders, industries and businesses must value the expertise, skills, experiences and knowledge of workers.   

Together with the ACTU, unions and the climate movement campaigned for a National Transition Authority. And together we won! The Net Zero Authority was announced in early May. We know the energy transition is a big step for our future, especially our members in transition regions such as the Hunter, Latrobe, Gladestone and Collie. 

National Energy Transition Authority is vital to: 

  1. Guarantee quality, secure jobs for workers transitioning out of carbon-intensive industries 
  2. Diversify jobs and the economy in traditionally carbon-intensive regions; and   
  3. Provide education and training for workers to get jobs in new net-zero carbon emission industries. 

Pilliga Campaign

In NSW, UWU is working with other NSW unions to support the Gomeroi mob in their fight to protect their land from gas fracking. This is both a climate and First Nations land rights issue and we will stand with Gomeroi and the other unions in the campaign until the land is protected. 

Sign the Gomeroi Ngarr (Gomeroi Strong) petition now. Learn more about the campaign and stand with Gomeroi against Santos. 

Projects and Partnerships

Climate change is a complex problem that cannot be solved by one organisation or sector. Together, we need to achieve meaningful climate and worker justice that is member led and actively seeks transformative change for workers and our communities. 

UWU works with, and are members of the following: 

Cooperative Power

UWU worked with other unions and community organisations to form Cooperative Power. Wages have stagnated while electricity prices keep getting more expensive. Cooperative Power is about making electricity affordable for everyone, never increasing rates for profit, and returning the profits to benefit workers and communities. 

Make the switch today – visit 

Hunter Jobs Alliance 

UWU is a member of the Hunter Jobs Alliance (HJA). HJA is a bold alliance of unions and community environment groups working together for a prosperous, safe and sustainable future for the Hunter region. 

HJA aims for a Hunter region with full employment, good union jobs, a thriving and healthy living environment, an equitable society, a stable climate, and renewable prosperity. 

Learn more about the Hunter Jobs Alliance.

Real Deal Geelong  

UWU is a partner of the Real Deal in Geelong. The Real Deal is a collaboration involving a range of community, climate, union, social, faith and business groups, supported by researchers at the Sydney Policy Lab. It aims to bring people from all walks of life together to map a new course for the economy in the aftermath of COVID-19, recognising the interconnected nature of the health, economic, justice and climate crises we currently face. The Real Deal in Geelong addresses the real issues the community is facing, with community led solutions from the ground up. 

Learn more about Real Deal.

Climate Justice Union

Climate Justice Union are hundreds of ordinary people working together and pooling resources to accelerate the fair and just transition to net zero emissions and prepare for and adapt to climate change impacts while taking care of people and place. 

Climate justice means a positive future for First Nations people, for rural communities, for fossil fuel workers, for low-income communities, for people affected by extreme weather, and for all other people impacted by climate change.