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What is the Marshall Liberal Government offering essential workers over Christmas?

Job cuts and privatisations!

Fill in the simple form below to tell Premier Steven Marshall: Don’t be the Grinch again this Christmas.

Hospital workers, aged carers and disability support workers have continued to work throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, delivering essential services that have kept South Australians safe.


At the same time, the Marshall Liberal Government has continued its attacks on job security, refusing to rule out privatisation, job cuts and have denied these workers a fair wage increase.


We need a health, disability and aged care system that provides quality public services to South Australians now and into the future.


Tell Premier Steven Marshall to give the hard-working orderlies, cleaners, sterilisation technicians, catering attendants, disability support workers and aged carers what they deserve this Christmas – job security and a fair wage increase!


Come on Steven Marshall, don’t be the Grinch again this Christmas.


* See below the form for the email AND tweet you can send after you press the “I want to take action” button. You will NOT be sending an email or tweet by pressing the “I want to take action” button.


* Note to SA essential workers: Sharing content from your union through email and social media is NOT a disciplinary matter.


Tell the Treasurer - wages matter!
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Email to Steven Marshall, Premier, South Australia

Cced: Minister for Health, Stephen Wade

Dear Premier Marshall

South Australia’s essential public sector workers have continued to work on the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic – keeping our hospitals running, providing support to those living with disability and caring for the elderly in our aged care facilities.

Despite this, after almost two years of negotiation for a new Weekly Paid enterprise agreement, your government continues with an agenda of job cuts and privatisation – seeking to remove key job security protections and has not provided these essential workers with a fair wage offer.

C’mon Premier Marshall, don’t be a Grinch this Christmas.

Commit to secure job for essential workers now.

Kind regards,

Tweet to @Marshall_Steven and @StephenWadeMLC, Premier and Health Minister of South Australia

 Don’t be the Christmas Grinch @marshall_steven @StephenWadeMLC

SA’s essential workers are working hard through Covid but you keep job cuts and privatisations on the table.
Give secure jobs to essential workers and give them a great Christmas!
#SAHealthHeroes @unitedworkersoz
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