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United Workers Union has demanded politicians approve the Labor Government’s revised tax cuts as soon as possible so low-paid workers can receive cost-of-living relief without a lengthy political bunfight.

”The need for these tax cuts among low-paid workers, often earning just above minimum wage, is unquestionable,” Tim Kennedy, United Workers Union National Secretary said today.

“The message to MPs is: don’t stand between hard-working essential workers and the cost-of-living relief they so desperately need from July 1.

“The vast bulk of our members in early childhood education, aged care, cleaning, disability support, warehouse logistics and security stand to be $804 better off.

“That extra money will go towards the cost-of-living crisis low-paid workers are facing every day.

“There will be little patience among United Workers Union members for political grandstanding on these tax cuts when the choice between the two alternatives is so stark.

“For these members it has been galling to hear some commentary that the tax cuts are ‘only’ an extra $804 when for some that money could make the difference in favour of seeking medical treatment or visiting the dentist.

“It has also been galling to see Coalition frontbenchers in their defence of 1 per centers and their huge Morrison tax cuts with the gobsmacking argument that $190,000 a year ‘is not a lot of money in this day and age’.”

United Workers Union analysis has shown the benefits enjoyed by members in the revised tax cuts:

Industry Income New tax cuts Stage 3 tax cuts Difference
Aged Care $56,628.00 $1,095 $291 $804
Cleaning $47,564.40 $868 $64 $804
Disability support $67,631.20 $1,370 $566 $804
Educators $58,260.80 $1,136 $332 $804
Hospitality $45,905.60 $827 $23 $804
Warehouse $48,703.20 $897 $93 $804


Stepping out the above example in the case of early childhood educators:

  • A full-time early childhood educator with a diploma qualification (level 3.4 under the Children’s Services Award 2010) earning $1,120.40 per week and $58,260.80 per annum will receive a tax cut of roughly $1,136 under Labor’s plan.
  • Under Morisson’s stage 3 tax cuts they would have received $332, which is a difference of $804.



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