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Jumbo-sized letters signed by 1,000 workers from Sydney’s The Star Casino will be delivered today to NSW Treasurer Daniel Mookhey and Minister for Gaming and Racing David Harris urging them to revise the proposed casino tax.

United Workers Union, the union representing workers at Sydney’s The Star Casino, says the proposed tax could cost the casino $100 million a year and ultimately penalise The Star’s 4500-strong workforce of gaming, cleaning, hospitality and security staff.

Quotes attributable to Imogen Beynon, Casinos Deputy Director, United Workers Union:

“United Workers Union members who work at The Star Sydney are concerned that the NSW Labor Government may make a decision that will have a devastating impact on their employment.

“The Star Sydney jobs are good, stable, union jobs – with security, dignity on the job and fair wage rates and conditions. We want to make sure this doesn’t change.

“The proposal, which was introduced without consultation by the previous Liberal Government, would increase the relevant tax rate on electronic gaming from a flat 32 per cent to a sliding scale with a top rate of around 72 per cent. This would have a devastating impact on The Star operation, placing jobs at risk.

“Workers are calling for the new NSW Government to consider an alternative approach.

“Any government decision must not negatively impact workers’ jobs and any taxation arrangement made with The Star must place value on secure ongoing employment.”

The NSW Government delayed the introduction of the legislation until August to allow discussion to continue.


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