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Massive delays are expected at Sydney Airport over Christmas due to poor management by the security operator Certis Security.

In the lead-up to Christmas, Sydney Airport has stood back and allowed Certis Security to:

  • Use subcontracted labour, with allegations of below award rates and cash-in-hand payments.
  • Revoke staff attendance bonuses for working over the Christmas period.
  • Offer one serve of plum pudding as an employee incentive.
  • Botch a new uniform rollout, forcing some staff to wear ill-fitting uniforms.

Quotes attributable to Damien Davie, United Workers Union Property Services Coordinator:

“United Workers Union members want travellers to know it’s not their hard work holding the line up this Christmas.

“Certis, a money-hungry profit-driven multinational company has a business model of using cheap subcontractors to increase profits across most areas of its business.

“Our members have told us that the subcontracted staff are poorly trained and slow down the screening process at Sydney Airport. Whereas security staff at other Australian airports such as Brisbane and Melbourne are directly employed.

“Allegations of subcontractors being paid cash and paying below award rates have been put to senior Certis management. They couldn’t deny or confirm as they don’t have a stringent audit process of their subcontractors.

“Workers were offered attendance bonuses for working during the Christmas period, factoring this into their budgeting. Three days later this was revoked with management citing a typo as their absurd excuse – their consolation has been one serve of plum pudding instead.

“As Sydney travellers are waiting in long queues, they will see security staff in ill-fitting uniforms as the rollout of new uniforms this month was botched.

“The mismanagement by Certis Security will cause massive delays at Sydney Airport this week. The question is, when will Sydney Airport take responsibility for the behaviour of their security contractor?”


Certis Cisco, Singapore’s largest security organisation and major multinational, acquired the formerly Australian-owned family business SNP (Sydney Night Patrol) Security in 2018 and combined it with their existing security business BRI to establish the sub-brand Certis Security Australia.


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