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WHEN: TODAY 9 AM Tuesday 15 December 2020

WHERE: Hanes Warehouse – 31-39 Permas Way, Truganina

WHAT: Hundreds of workers at the Melbourne Hanes warehouse, who distribute Bonds, Champion and Sheridan sheets, have gone on strike this week in their fight against extreme casualisation in the outer western suburb of Melbourne, Truganina. Permanent full-time workers are making a stand alongside their casual workmates as they fight for their right to a decent job and life.

WHO: United Workers Union National Secretary Tim Kennedy will give an address and be available for comment on site. Striking warehouse workers will provide good visuals, rally cries, and be available for comment.

Following Hanes’ refusal to meet workers for further negotiations since a company offer that included cuts and changes to workers’ conditions was voted down last week, permanent workers walked off the job in an act of solidarity with their fellow casual workers.

The warehouse is one of the most casualised in Victoria, with less than half of the workforce having permanent jobs and up to 150 casual workers on site on any given day.

Some casuals have been waiting up to eight years for permanent positions at the Melbourne warehouse, while the company has cut 30 permanent jobs during the last few years.

Workers are demanding a fair pathway to permanent jobs, especially after many worked hard during the pandemic to manage the 70 per cent increase in online sales, according to the company’s own documentation.