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Attribute to United Workers Union W.A. State Secretary Carolyn Smith:

Our members working in hotel quarantine are doing their best in unprecedented times. 

These essential workers deserve and need the respect and support of their communities, employers, and governments. 

They should not be blamed for contracting COVID-19 when they are working to protect our communities. 

The security officer who contracted the virus at the Four Points by Sheraton in Perth was doing an important job in difficult circumstances, and he went and got tested as soon as symptoms presented.

If people are going to play the blame game when it comes to COVID-19, they should instead point their fingers at the dodgy contracting and job insecurity that plagues Australia’s security and cleaning industries.

Most people do not work multiple jobs for the fun. They have families, financial responsibilities and are motivated by the need to get food on the table. 

If a job doesn’t give you enough hours or you are underpaid, you have no choice but to try and get more work. 

If you don’t receive the proper PPE or training, how can you keep yourself, co-workers, and the wider community safe?

The recent outbreak has once again highlighted just how important it is that hotel quarantine staff have jobs they can count on.

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