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The fate of around 10,000 casino workers should be a priority consideration for the State Government ahead of the Royal Commission report being tabled in Parliament today.

The United Workers Union (UWU), which represents workers including bar, hotel and restaurant staff, cleaners, security, and dealers, across the Crown complex, has warned that workers have already made a huge sacrifice during the pandemic and will not tolerate uncertainty regarding their jobs or any reductions to wages or conditions.

Most Crown Melbourne workers have barely worked since the pandemic began in March 2020, with workers reporting they have raided superannuation and other savings to make rental and mortgage payments.

UWU casino director Dario Mujkic said the Government had to provide certainty and security to a workforce hit hard by COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns.

“This uncertainty around Crown’s licence is causing quite a lot of anxiety and stress among workers who have done it really hard this pandemic and who are blameless in this whole ordeal.

“The prospect that workers could be hurt because of the misconduct of a handful of executives is untenable to the union and the wider community.

“Crown workers have fought very hard to secure some of the best wages and conditions in the hospitality industry and they will not concede going back to the drawing board.

“It is clear the current regulation regime has fallen short, and we now have an opportunity to make sure casinos are safe and sustainable for workers, patrons and the wider community.

“Some of our members have worked at this venue for more than a decade, these are the people on the frontline day and night. They have a valuable contribution to make to any reform of this casino and the sector.

“All Australian casinos are hugely profitable entities and as a result there is an obligation to ensure the Melbourne casino provides good, secure middle-class jobs for Victorian workers.”

To find out more about UWU’s organising and advocacy for casino workers across Australia, visit the UWU website.