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The United Workers Union was notified of an audit undertaken by Star Entertainment group last week but is unaware of the detail or the scale of the underpayments. The union understands that the wage underpayments have primarily affected workers not covered by the union-bargained enterprise agreement.

The union also understands the underpayments are centred around salaried employees earning less than the minimums contained within the Hospitality Award.


Statement attributable to United Workers Union casinos deputy director Imogen Beynon:

It’s always concerning when workers are underpaid.

We expect that the company will quickly rectify the issue for all workers and if any of our members are impacted that any monies owed are repaid quickly and in full.

We know from this example and many others that incidences of wage theft and underpayments are reduced when people are covered by a union agreement.

This situation has also brought to light the issues surrounding many companies’ over-reliance on salaries which fall short of the relevant award.

The risk of underpaying workers is best avoided when workers have a union agreement and are educated about their rights entitlements through their union.

Workers who are concerned about this development or any underpayment are encouraged to join the union


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