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It has been revealed that the person responsible for recommending the wage cap to the NT Government is pocketing $624,000 of taxpayers’ money as Western Australia’s Agent General in London.

Current WA Agent General, John Langoulant, recommended the Gunner Government adopt a $1000 wage cap for public service workers in 2019 as part of his report into the Government’s fiscal situation.  

This wage cap was ignored by NT Government and a wage freeze was determined instead.

United Workers Union (UWU) NT Secretary Erina Early said it was hypocritical that the man who told Territorians to tighten their belts is getting $22,000-a-month in rent assistance on top of a base salary of $360,000-a-year from the WA Government.

“I am not really sure what an Agent General does, but I am pretty sure John Langoulant is not working ten times harder than our firies, or our correctional officers, or our health workers.

“It really is insulting that people like Mr Langoulant can go swanning around in their Savile Row-tailored suits telling us plebs we have to cop low wages for the good of the economy.

“It always seems to be ‘one rule for thee but not for me’ with these people. Well it’s not good enough and we intend to fight until the Government will actually listen.”

The United Workers Union will be joined by other public sector unions this Thursday September 1 in the NT public sector day of action in protest of the NT Wage Policy – wage freeze.


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