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Professionally I’ve been stood down. Personally I’m stressed, have anxiety attacks at times yet I’m one of the lucky ones. For now, I’m still employed, lucky I’m full time and step by step applying for my entitlements within my work company and from outside sources. If all goes to plan I should be ok yet I feel like crap, imagine those who have lost their jobs, how they must be feeling? Right now I’m angry, really, really angry, a rage I haven’t felt in a long time. I’m angry at the government, they forced businesses to shut their doors and those that lost their jobs, have been stood down and business owners who have lost their businesses have to line up and apply for the dole. We, the workers shouldn’t have to apply we should get unemployment benefits automatically and it’s us who should get the extra payment not those already on unemployment benefits. Amidst the craziness & uncertainty I’m feeling thankful and am so proud of my colleagues, banding together on social media and helping each other out. If it weren’t for them I know I’d be in a worst place, mentally and emotionally.