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Being one of the first of thousands here in WA as a casual CDP (chef De-Partie) to lose my job on the very first day the government implemented the social distancing restrictions and how many people are allowed to be in one place at a time. lost both my jobs in the matter of 8 hours. 40+hours of work a week gone, with no way to pay rent or bills i went into meltdown, having a night to think things through and make sure of what was needed to be done for the future, i contacted everyone i have financial commitments to, so i can organize a way to either pay later or freeze payments.

Not so lucky on the insurance side of things; I’m not going to mention the name of my insurer just in case, but they were pretty much bleeding blood out of a stone, i had informed that i had/have no money for them to do this and that they have to cancel my membership and my contents and car cover due to insufficient funding. i asked if they would be able to waiver some of the fees but to no avail.

Since this has happened i have rebuked the establishment and will not being provided from them again, but this may be the case for all i assume, may as well really read the fine print of every document you read that is a binding contract. In doing this i am no longer covered on the roads and the stuff that i own will not be covered by theft or damage (storm for example). Not happy with the corporate bodies rubbing their hands together while the little folk suffer.