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This week Roe v Wade Solidarity Protests – in support of everyone in the USA fighting for abortion rights – are taking place across Australia this week.

What is Roe v Wade?

Around the world, two words — Roe v Wade — have become synonymous with the right to reproductive freedom. The Roe in question is Jane McCorvey, a Texas woman who took her fight to be able to terminate a pregnancy to the courts in 1970. In a landmark ruling on the case in 1973, a 7-2 majority of Supreme Court judges found that while the US constitution did not explicitly mention abortion, it did imply the right to privacy which extended to reproductive decisions. For almost 50 years, that granted Americans the constitutional right to an abortion in the first three months of pregnancy and prevented states from prohibiting them in the second trimester. That is until the same court voted to overturn the ruling late on Saturday 25 June 2022, allowing individual states to make their own abortion laws.

Access to abortion and the stigma for those who go through it are still big problems in Australia. Finding an accessible and affordable abortion is still challenging for many, and judgement from others in the community only makes it harder. United Workers Union supports every persons’ right to choose so UWU members will be standing in solidarity with every person and union fighting for the right to free, safe, and legal abortions if they choose.

Find a local event below.

The Central Coast’s protest is kicking off at 5.30 pm on Thursday June 30 outside the Newcastle Museum.

Adelaide’s abortion rights solidarity protest kicks off at 5 pm on Friday July 1 at Beehive Corner in Rundle Mall.

Friday July 1 at 5:30 pm, meeting at King George Square.

Central Queenslanders can protest in solidarity on Saturday July 2 from 10 am in Rockhampton. The rally is set to meet at the Rocky Riverfront in the morning.

The Tassie protest is happening at 11 am on Saturday July 2 in Hobart. The popular Salamanca Markets is currently the meeting point.

Saturday July 2 at 12 pm midday outside the State Library of Victoria. Assemble outside the front of Victoria Trades Hall from 11.30 am and we will head down to the State Library together.

Saturday July 2 at 12 pm midday meeting at the Crown Street Mall Ampitheatre.

Saturday July 2 at 12 pm midday, meeting at Garema Place.

Saturday July 2 at 1 pm. Meet at the Sydney Town Hall for speakers and march in solidarity with abortion rights protesters in the United States.

Saturday July 2 at 1 pm. The protest will meet in Murray St Mall on the corner of Forrest Place.