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Sunrice, CopRice and AGS Enterprise Agreement


Claim Detail and clarification Current EBA clause
1a 1) Creation of expanded definitions table. All definitions captured in one clause and removal of references to other clauses for definitions. 4
2) Casual clause. Reorganised the preamble and competitive recruitment content to new clause 7.1. The competitive recruitment clause has been moved to new clause 7.1. Overtime and other penalties have been moved to new clause 13. 7.5
3) Blood donations and Community Service Leave removed to SunRice Leave policy. 23, 24
1b 1) Defining of Ordinary Rate. Redrafting ‘Ordinary rate’ means an employee’s ordinary rate of pay for their classification specified in schedule B for ‘ordinary hours of work’. This replaces clause 4 (s) ‘Ordinary Rate of pay’ and (t) ‘Ordinary wage rates’ . To be read in conjunction with clause 13.1 ‘overtime and loadings’ and 13.4 ‘shift penalties. 4
2) Individual Flexibility. Retitled to Agreement Flexibility, IFA and FW abbrievations introduced. Extension that flexibility agreements can include variation to overtime and leave loading. 6
3) Frequency of payment. Wording simplified from ‘new employees will be paid on a weekly or fortnightly basis as determined by SunRice’. Changed to ‘An employee engaged after the commencement of this agreement will be paid on a fortnightly basis’. No directional change. 11.2
4) Fixed term. Removed reference to term of the agreement and provision of notice as the fixed end date in contract serves as notice. 13.3
5) Casual. Reference to the internal process of the SCC and SunRice has been removed as this occurs in practice. 7.5
6) Consultation major change. The provision of the FBT award has been reflected for simplicity, is materially similar to 2017 EA provision. Simplification update to remove the reference to ‘change to the regular roster or ordinary hours of employees as this is covered off in the major change provision by reference to ‘alteration of hours of work’ and is otherwise duplication. 24.1
7) Change to work patterns. Retitled to Consultation change to ordinary hours or work paterns. Simplification of the clause to remove duplicate references to consultation of changes to regular rosters or ordinary hours of work. 24.3
8) Close Downs. Simplification of language. Added term of temporary shut down for instances where there is scheduled maintenance or training etc 24.4
9) Dispute Resolution procedure. Amendment to use the FBT Award model provision as a base. 9) Dispute Resolution procedure. Amendment to use the FBT Award model provision as a base.
1c 1) Casuals. Amendments have been made to be consistent with the changes to casual employment in the FWAct. Reference to the new NES conversion requirement has been added. 7.5
2) Reasons for refusing overtime. Removed as this is detailed in the NES. 15.1
3) Long Service Leave. References to Victorian and NSW State Acts cover statutory entitlement.
4) Parental Leave, Community Service Leave and unpaid Family and Domestic Violence leave are as in accordance with NES and re-drafted into Other Leave clause 17.2. No change change to Family and Domestic Violence support. 21, 22, 23
5) Process of selection in redundancy, the term Seniority has been removed to ensure no interpretive confusion that this means age or tenure, as this could be discriminatory. 28.3
6) Alternative employment. Language aligned with NES requirements in s389 FW act regarding genuine redundancy and s122 FW Act regarding transfer of employment. 28.9
2 Disband informal shift swap practice and include approval process in existing substitute shift clause. 14.4
3 Improve drafting content to include current practice of maintenance workers being called back twice, or working longer than three hours upon call back, in order to activate the ten hour paid break. 15.4 and 15.2
4 Propose to increase ordinary span to 5am to 6pm and adjust early morning shift allowance to a start prior to 5am. 14.3 and 14.5
5 In partnership, redesign the classification structure for organisation needs (now and future). Schedule B
6 Redesign the classification structure to accomodate changes and add evolved and new roles to the structure. Schedule B
7 Alterations to current competencies to reflect competencies required for modernised and roles of the future. Schedule B
8 Training policy to be created to detail development opportunities and processes. This is to sit alongside the agreement. new and outside agreement
9 Propose that individuals who receive investment in certain qualifications will be subject to indenture retention clause for a period of time. If they elect to exit the organisation within that retention period they will be required to pay back a portion of the training cost (relative to time past since competent). New
10 Two year term to enable nimble classification and training work required to build the operational capability needed during the lifetime of this agreement and built upon in successive agreements. 3
11 Any increases to ordinary rates of pay will require funding via productivity and efficiency improvements. Schedule A
12 Amendment to provide that the 2021 EA stands alone and that the terms of the awards are not incorporated into the 2021 EA. 5
13 Remove as employment type and drafting reflects removal. 13.4
14 Rostered days may be rostered by SunRice for all or part of the business by notice to those impacted. Drafting changes for simplification. 15.3
15 Split clause into poor performance and unsatisfactory conduct and serious misconduct for clarity. 26
16 Removal of provision on employee termination. 29