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After working throughout the pandemic SA public sector health, aged care and disability support workers are telling the Marshall Government: essential workers deserve job security.

“SA public sector health and aged care workers have been a vital defence in the fight against Covid-19,” Paul Blackmore, United Workers Union public sector coordinator said today.

“You would think after all this hard work they would be supported by the Marshall Government, but the government has repeatedly ignored their requests for a fair deal.”

In a sign of mounting anger, public sector workers today gathered at Lyell McEwin Hospital to launch their “Secure Jobs for Essential Workers” campaign and a petition calling for action.

In their new agreement public sector workers are demanding no further outsourcing or privatisation, no staff cuts, a fair wage increase and special Covid-19 provisions including paid pandemic leave and measures to ensure adequate staffing levels.

Mr Blackmore said public sector members had reported increased workloads due to Covid-19 safety requirements, serious understaffing issues and cutbacks to aged care hours during the pandemic.

“Workers have had enough of the Marshall Government turning its back on health, aged care and disability support workers and those they care for,” Mr Blackmore said.

“Today’s rally of public sector health, aged care and disability support workers has a very simple message: essential workers deserve job security.

“Large numbers of South Australian public sector workers will take this message into hospitals and aged care facilities throughout the state by wearing badges that say: Secure jobs for essential workers.

“Workers are under no illusions – this is the start of a tough campaign for fair treatment.”